Wireless Microphones

Your Wireless microphones could now be Obsolete as of the 1st January 2015

The Govenments spectrum selloff will see an estimated 150,000 wireless
devices around the country being made obsolete, clearly this isn’t just an
‘industry’ problem.

Around 150,000 wireless audio devices currently in use (4 in every 5) will
need to be scrapped.  Cost to replace?  Up to $220m.

To continue to use radio mics beyond December  31st 2014 users will need to:
Ensure your devices operate between 520 and 694MHz, or
Buy new equipment that will operate within the new approved spectrum.

If you operate illegally, then under the 1992 Radiocommunications Act it
could mean a hefty fine. If you replace your equipment, you’ll be doing so
without any compensation whatsoever.

But how to express your outrage?

Google AWAG


BayCom Communications can give your club/organisation free advice on whether your existing equipment will still be legal to use after 2014

We can also calculate what frequencies are most suitable for your local area Come 2015 less frequencies will be available for wireless microphones due to the re-stacking of digital TV frequencies – Please contact us for further details

More details on the ACMA website at http://www.wirelessmicrophones.gov.au

Below is a YouTube video published by ACMA giving more details