Service & Repairs

We offer service & repair facilities on most Communications products such as Marine, Land Mobile, CB, Amateur & Broadcast at competitive prices

We are FDP Radio’s only approved service centre – We carry a full range of spares in stock

We undertake all repairs in our own fully equipped service workshop here in Hervey Bay

Important Please Read

Recently we have had a number of enquiries as regards undertaking non communications repairs & also fitting spare parts supplied from other sources etc.
The person asking for this type of service usually says “it’s only a 5 minute job!!” We have heard this so many times before & a 5 minute job usually turns into at least a one hour job with all it’s associated problems & headaches
Therefore we may be able to undertake these type of repairs, however please note we do have a minimum charge on all repairs undertaken (currently $40 for the first 1/2 hour) – We do not charge for unsuccessful repairs if parts/service information is unavailable or the unit is uneconomical to repair (normally if more that 50% of replacing the unit with the same make & model or very similar current model)

Repair Estimates

Normally we do not give estimates for repairs as this is now very difficult to do with modern equipment, this is due to the fact that often the time taken to diagnose a fault we could have in effect have repaired the item (i.e. dry joint, loose connection or low cost component at fault), However we sometimes have what’s called stock or common faults of which we have an idea of what the repair might involve (i.e. Microphone fault, Filters, PA modules etc). We therefore try our best to inform the customer of the maximum price it might take to repair their equipment (either verbally or via email/text) alternatively we ask the customer the maximum they are prepared to pay for the repair. If the cost is uneconomical (50% or more of the same make or similar model) we will be honest & inform you of this fact

Maximum Price Quotes 

IMPORTANT   If the maximum repair price has been agreed by the customer (either verbally or via email/text) & then the customer for whatever reason then decides not to go ahead with the repair we then reserve the right to charge at least our minimum cost of $40 (this includes the first 1/2 hour faultfinding then $25 per 1/4 hour thereafter) The total charge is for the time taken to diagnose the fault &/or admin time (including collection & delivery if applicable)
It is now getting more & more difficult to repair modern equipment due a number of factors, therefore please note the following points in mind – We do our best to give the customer the best value for money when it comes to repairing your communications equipment, however we often have problems with the following
  1. Modern equipment uses extensive use of surface mount components therefore making it difficult & very time consuming to fault-find & repair
  2. A lot of manufactures of equipment are now not supplying service manuals or circuit diagrams for their models, this makes repairing equipment even more difficult (an analogy of this is trying to find an address in a large city you have never been too before without the aid of a Map or SatNav!!)
  3. Most communications equipment manufacturers now don’t have approved service centres, therefore the only option for the customer is to return it back to the manufacturer for repair
  4. Parts are becoming more difficult to obtain as manufacturers class the item as disposable
  5. Often individual parts are unobtainable or obsolete, only full circuit boards or modules can be bought making the repair expensive or uneconomical
  • Therefore what are our workshop labour charges?
  • Minimum charge is $40 for up to the first 1/2 hour
  • $100 per hour their after (charged in 1/4 hour increments of $25)
  • Above rates are applicable during normal Monday to Friday business hours (9am to 5pm)
  • Out of hours repairs normally attracts a 50% extra hourly charge, call out hourly prices (also Sunday & public holidays) available on request
  • No GST payable on the above prices
  • We can also undertake on-site repairs & installation of radios/antennas etc. Please contact us for current hourly rates & travel charges
Do you think our hourly rate & minimum charge seem expensive?
Our workshop has sophisticated test equipment, tools, computers, programming leads/software etc. of which if we had to replace them all with current models would cost in excess $50,000, does your average electrician, plumber or TV/Computer repair company have this type of investment in test equipment & fault finding tools?  I very much doubt it
After a repair has been undertaken we also use our range of test equipment to fully check the radio before it is returned to the customer – This includes checking power output, deviation/modulation, receive sensitivity, frequency accuracy etc, If none of the above meets the manufacturers original specifications we will re-align (tune up) the radio for you – This is all included in the repair costs

Some of our workshop equipment

  • Spectrum analyser usable to over 2 GHz
  • Deviation/modulation meters (to 1GHz)
  • Power output meters/dummy loads up to 500 watts @ 1GHz
  • RF Signal generators (up to 1GHz)
  • Oscilloscopes (CRO) both bench & portable types (up to 60MHz)
  • SINAD/Distortion meters
  • Rubidium Atomic Frequency Oscillator (for high accuracy readings & calibration)
  • VSWR meters (500 watts at up to 1.5GHz)
  • Frequency counters/timers up to 2.4GHz
  • Antenna HF/VHF SWR Analyser 
  • DC variable power supplies (up to 60 amps @ 30 volts)
  • Motorola communications service monitor (125 watts up to 1GHz)
  • Professional Soldering & De-soldering stations (for normal or lead free solder)
  • Professional Hot Air rework stations (to solder/de-solder surface mount components)
  • RF voltage probe & field strength meter
  • RF Milliwatt meter & dummy load
  • Off air monitor receivers/scanners (all modes from <100KHz to over 3GHz)
  • Multimeters (Digital bench & handheld types)
  • Multiple programming leads/alignment cables & software for most makes of radios
  • Numerous laptop & desktop computers for radio programming/alignment
  • Miscellaneous test equipment such as AC/DC clamp meters, power factor meters, electrical insulation meters/testers, 3 phase mains testers/phase rotation, RMS & Peak voltage meters etc.
Below are photo’s of test equipment & tools we have in our workshop – Hover mouse over photo’s for more details
See examples of other communications companies repair charges below (as of August 2016)
Andrews Communications – $80 Minimum charge – $160 per hour (N.B. They only undertake repairs of equipment supplied by them, also no CB radio repairs undertaken)
Icom Australia –  $165 per hour ($330 minimum charge if unit is over 10 years old!!)
Some other communications companies I have heard have charged up to $220 per hour!!
Even Radio Rentals now charge a $74.25 assessment fee for domestic repairs!!
Other examples what companies charge for repairs/service
TV/Hi-Fi Repairs between $65 & $110 per hour
Computer repairs between $60 & $130 per hour