Broadcast Radio

Sorry but we can no longer give advice on obtaining licenses for Broadcast radio as it’s can be very complex & time consuming

Previously it has wasted a lot of our time trying to explain the complexities of licencing to “want to be broadcasters” who expected to set up a radio station (usually in a metro area) with minimal capital & expecting to just buy a licence “off the shelf” to broadcast 50-100 km’s or more

N.B. If you still want us to give you advice on licensing we reserve the right to charge a consultancy fee ($100 per hour, minimum charge of $50 for up to 30 mins) payable by credit card over the phone (consultancy fee refunded if equipment is purchased)

Therefore we recommended that you contact ACMA to see what optons might be available in your area

LPON’s (Low Power Open Narrowcasting) are very popular & can still be obtained in some rural/remote areas, however please note that being low power (normally 1 watt erp) they only give around 2-5 km’s range. However in remote areas you can obtain a licence for 10 watts which could give you up to 15 km’s range.   These licence can not be bought “off the shelf” & have to be applied for via an ACMA auction every 3 months.

For more details on LPON’s (Low power open narrowcasting) look at ACMA’s website by CLICKING HERE

Please Note !! Broadcast licenses (which you can receive on a normal AM/FM radio) are now very difficult (if impossible) to obtain in Metro areas (and lots of rural areas). If available they can be very expensive. As an example in 2014 a LPON (1 watt FM) license for Corrimal NSW (suburb of Wollongong) was sold for $21,500 at auction

First thing I suggest is to look around your local area to see if any licenses are not being used (especially LPON’s) & if they are not on the air try to contact the owner to see if they will sell or sublease the license to you

If you want to see what licenses have been allocated to your area ACMA has a search function on their website, enter your postcode areas & frequencies you need to search for (87.6 to 88.0 MHz for LPON’s)

CLICK HERE for ACMA search function which will give you locations & contact details of licence owner

If you are lucky enough to obtain a broadcast license then please contact us, We would then be more than happy to give advice on any equipment necessary to get you station on the air

We still undertake sales, repairs & service of broadcast equipment