Terms & Conditions

The not so small print!!!
BayCom guarantee all products (unless otherwise stated) for a minimum of one year from date of purchase. During this period BayCom will repair or replace any defective product free of charge (return to base warranty at customers cost), except for products/units subject to fair wear and tear.
N.B. If a customer decides to return an item of which is not faulty (i.e. change of mind, not suitable for their needs etc.) we reserve the right to charge a 20% restocking fee + any shipping/handling costs involved
We also reserve the right to charge for repair or replacement of equipment that we believe have been used inappropriately & not to our recommended guidelines.
To qualify for benefits under the guarantee you must have installed and used the product in accordance with BayCom’s instructions or user manual supplied with the goods. Consequential losses and accidental damage to the product are not covered by the guarantee. BayCom cannot be responsible for results of using our products for any purposes other than those described in the relevant instructions or user manual.
Consumable items such as Antennas, Batteries etc, are not covered under this warranty. If at any time you are unsure as to what is covered by our warranty please Contact Us.

Repairs in & out of warranty

PA’s (Power amplifier devices) are not covered in transmitting equipment that we supply, the reason for this is that usually the cause of a PA failure is due to incorrect or faulty antennas being connected to the equipment, therefore please make sure you are using the correct antenna for the equipment supplied
All non warranty repairs that we undertake include a 3 months guarantee (excluding PA devices)
For non warranty repairs we do have a minimum charge on all repairs undertaken (currently $35) – We do not charge for unsuccessful repairs when parts &/or service information are unavailable or the unit is uneconomical to repair (i.e. if the repair is more than 50% of the cost of a new unit of the same type/manufacturer)

Repair Quotes

Please Note: Normally we do not give estimates for repairs as this is now very difficult to do with modern equipment, this is due to the fact that often the time taken to diagnose a fault we could have in effect have repaired the item (i.e. dry joint or low cost component at fault), However we sometimes have what’s called stock or common faults of which we have an idea of what the repair might involve. We therefore try our best to inform the customer of the maximum price it might take to repair their equipment (either verbally or via email/text) If the cost is uneconomical (50% of more of a similar or same unit) we will be honest & inform you of this fact

Maximum Price Quotes 

IMPORTANT   If the maximum repair price has been agreed by the customer (either verbally or via email/text) & then the customer for whatever reason then decides not to go ahead with the repair we then reserve the right to charge at least our minimum cost of $35 for the time taken to diagnose the fault &/or admin costs

Please see our Service & Repair page for more details

Sales of products

N.B. Being a small company we do not offer credit or account facilities – However if you require credit we can now accept Visa & Mastercard credit cards
All goods ordered have to be paid for in full before dispatch. We normally do not offer a sale or return facility. However if goods are returned for any reason (other than a suspected fault) we reserve the right to charge a 20% restocking fee + any shipping/postage & handling costs involved
To return a faulty item please send to our PO box address which is: PO Box 7073, Urangan, QLD, 4655 – Please email us first with any questions regarding returning a product, sometimes we can sort the problem out via email/phone without having to go to the expense of returning the equipment.
We will endeavour to reply to any emails within 48 hours (usually much quicker than this)
N.B. We have had equipment returned of which no fault could be found, this has nearly always been due to customers not knowing how to use the equipment properly &/or using incorrect/faulty antennas etc, therefore if this is the case we reserve the right to charge the customer return postage costs. & any labour costs (minimum charge of $35) involved in checking the equipment is working to specifications
Therefore please read the user manual very carefully to make sure you are using the equipment correctly
If you have any doubts please contact us before returning any product
All products repaired or replaced under warranty will be returned at BayCom’s cost to the customer using standard Auspost
Express post, insurance etc, is available but will be charged at cost price to the customer if requested.
E&OE – Roger Wilson, BayCom Communications, January 2013